Unlocking the door of Apartment 51 – The Founders’ Story

Huda Al Rostamani, Roberta Calarese, founders of Apartment 51Welcome to our first blog post! Needless to say, since this is our first blog, there is no better time or place than now to share how our beautiful story started. So what can be revealed behind the door to Apartment 51?

Apartment 51 was born during a Ramadhan night back in 2014. Three great women and amazing professionals Huda Al Rostamani, Roberta Calarese and Hana Al Rostamani got together for a casual sohoor dinner and ended up talking about how difficult it was in Dubai to find homeware that was edgy in design, of good quality but at an affordable price. They realized there was a gap in the market and they thought of opening up a concept of their own that would meet the needs of buyers such as them when selecting beautiful homeware for their home.

The name Apartment 51 has a very homely definition in itself. "We picked ‘51’ because in Numerology, it’s the number of freedom of expression and family, so for us, it’s really about creating a warm environment at home." Roberta explains. "51 is also the number of something that’s destined to achieve great heights."

From the launch in December in 2016, Apartment 51 is now 23 brands strong, shipping across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, catering for affordable luxury in furniture, dinnerware and statement piece accessories.

Roberta and Huda travel the world selecting pieces that celebrate their story and are a reflection of their taste and personality. Styles of choice are modern but with tradition, from Lebanese designer Kashida creating Arabic inspired furniture and accessories to the more classic and simplistic styling from Georg Jensen.


Georg Jensen interior design accessories from Apartment 51Kashida interior design accessories from Apartment 51

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