Summer Surprises Offers at Apartment51

There is so much to love about summer in Dubai.  The peace and quiet, the relaxed atmosphere, the lack of traffic to ruin your mood and, of course, the amazing discounts available during Dubai Summer Surprises.  At Apartment51 we love sharing fresh and exciting home design concepts with you, from fabulous furniture to luscious lighting and stylish interior design pieces.  This year for Dubai Summer Surprises, we wanted to give you an extra special selection of brands to choose from.  Whether they are firm favourites or new discoveries, our bespoke summer offers will give you the chance to embrace the possibilities of style within your home, without breaking the budget. 

Summer Trends

There are so many different trends to embrace this summer, especially since this is such a great time to consider adding or editing your home accessories and tableware.  Big hits include ceramics, natural materials, beautiful pieces on open shelving and Scandinavian design.  Luckily, we have the perfect brands on offer for DSS….

It doesn’t get much more on-trend than the Nordic touches in the Bloomingville collection.  Here you will find a fantastic mix of quality, raw materials and stunning design.   

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When it comes to mix and match tableware, a massive summer trend, you can’t go wrong with the pieces on offer in our HM collection.   They are all colourful, creative and unforgettably chic. 

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The Perfect Gift

When we think about the summertime in Dubai, we don’t tend to think of it as full of events.  We might even find ourselves referring to it as a chance to relax and recoup a little.  But every year we find more and more people taking advantage of this period to change things up, make moves or celebrate big occasions.  You may already have found your calendar filling up with graduation celebrations, international weddings, housewarmings and birthdays that you hadn’t quite anticipated.  For these special events, you need a special gift; something that expresses your love and respect, and stands out from the crowd. 

We’ve yet to find a brand who so perfectly fuses tradition, modernity and innovation more than Kashida and it is one of the most stunning collections from which to select an unforgettable gift for the most special of celebrations. 

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There is an unrivalled delicate beauty to the collection from Blue Leaves.   Stunning quality and an elegant design make every piece in this collection perfect for gifting at special occasions. 

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Imaginative Touches

Every collection at Apartment51, from curtains to home accessories, has been sourced from the most innovative, high quality brands.  We make it our goal to search the world for the types of styles and looks that will delight, surprise and engage.  No matter your personality, we want to make sure you can find something that suits you at Apartment51.  One of the best ways to bring your own personality into your home is with imaginative touches that catch the eye.  Think how a pop of colour in a neutral room can draw the eye; it is the same with accessories, tableware and glassware.  When you add elements that are original, creative and beautiful, they not only impress visitors, but they will always make you smile. 

It doesn’t get much more innovative than the eclectic designs of OzlemTuna that combine creative beauty with stunning raw materials:

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There is so much to, well, ‘love’ about the Loveramics collection, not only are they imaginative in their purpose, their warming colours make excellent additions to your tableware collection:

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An Entertainer’s Dream

The temperature might be rising, but that doesn’t mean we have lost our desire to entertain.  Whether it is hosting family and friends for Eid, celebrating a special occasion or just simply getting the gang together for a catch up, hosting is one of the great joys we all share.  Luckily with our special DSS offers, you can always entertain in style.  These are the types of pieces that your guests will be totally blown away by. 

There is an undeniable sophistication in every cutlery collection from Belo Inox.  Elegant and chic, these flatware sets will transform your table and delight your guests. 

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The vibrant hues and creative design of our Pols Potten collection is perfect for making a splash when entertaining.  They can bring light and warmth into contemporary neutrality, so that you can combine chic style with a vivacious personality completely effortlessly.   

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Don’t miss our amazing offers for this Dubai Summer Surprises, it is the perfect time to refresh your look and add a little adventure into your interior design.  Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your own air conditioned home!  The perfect summer activity. 

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