Stay Home and Stay Splendid: The Eid Edit Collection


Eid al-Fitr, often known as the Festival of Breaking the Fast, is a holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world to honour the end of Ramadan.  Here in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Dubai, people of all backgrounds mark the occasion with colleagues, friends and family.  With the ‘new normal’ of staying home dominating 2020 however, many people won’t be able to indulge in their usual traditions.   Common practice has seen large groups of loved ones congregate to share blessings with each other and feast on fabulous flavours.  This year many of us won’t be able to celebrate with those we care about and will instead protect them by staying home. 

We know how difficult this must be for everyone, especially after so many weeks of social distancing already making us feel disconnected.  That is why we wanted to make sure to do something special to help celebrate Eid al-Fitr in style and share your experiences with those you are separated from.  That is why we have curated The Eid Edit Collection; a selection of some of our finest serveware and decorative accessories that will help you to create the right atmosphere for your Eid celebration at the right price


Style Sets

Within the Eid Edit we have put together a series of set that mean you can find the very best options for your specific Eid celebrations.  There is the Gold Set featuring Save and Arthur Casas by Riva, that will help you lay the perfect table.  Make sure you serve in the finest style with our serveware options such as the Dallahs from RosendahlKahler and Stelton or the Serveware perfect for sweets or Eid biscuits.   Why not make the family feel special with some stunning tableware from our Silver Set by Riva or JARS?  How about our chic decorative accessories in vibrant blue or dramatic black?  Here are our top picks from the Eid Edit to make your home shine……

​ ​​

Gift and Connect

Another benefit of The Eid Edit Collection is that every piece or set would make a truly wonderful and refined Eid Gift.  There is something to suit every style, every taste and every level of culinary ability.  Why not opt for the Dinnerware from Porcel to help your parents decorate their table?  How about a stunning Vase from FOS to brighten your cousin’s home?  The glorious colours of the Glassware from IVV will bring a smile to anyone’s heart.  You could even send a gorgeous piece of serveware such as the Tea Set from HM Turkey to those you would normally be celebrating with and then share your matching set during a virtual Eid feast? 


Remember, you can also get free delivery* at Apartment 51 and be assured of the safest, contact less service every step of the way.
Let us help you celebrate Eid in the best way possible.


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