Refresh Your Summer Home Decor

Don’t sweat the summer, refresh it.

Okay, okay, so it might be so warm right now that a briefly opened door can fog up a computer screen, but despite the sweltering evenings and humid days, there are actually quite a few reasons to embrace the summer months and the opportunities they present.  First (and foremost in our humble opinion) is the chance to refresh and redesign your home.  The quieter months of the year are the perfect time to take a step back and really look at your interiors and decide what you want for the seasons to come.  Is your home décor sense tingling? Are you in the mood for a change?  Perhaps you’ve heard about a cutting-edge new trend you have to incorporate?   Have you seen a dream look in a magazine you know would look great in your space?  Is it time to re-do that room that has always bothered you?  Or maybe you just feel your home could do with more of your personality shining through.   Whatever you are thinking of in terms of interior decorating, from accessories to furniture, we’ve picked the brains of the best designers to bring you some unmissable tips. 


Rich quality trumps the bare minimum

Tying in together the 2018 trends towards raw materials, metallic and the growing influence of the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi-sabi’, is the shift away from modern minimalism towards pieces that evoke traditions, history and authentic quality.   ‘Wabi-sabi’ is about rejecting immaculate perfection and marvelling in the beauty of the imperfect.  To encapsulate this look, you should be selecting pieces that appear raw, with a weathered vibe that creates an aura of rich heritage.  Think the aluminium and mahogany of knIndustrie cooking essentials, the dark timber of Legonart’s kitchenware and the chrome serveware jugs of Giobagnara.  


A regal coronation

With the crowning of Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year as ‘Ultra Violet’, it is no surprise that regal colours are all the rage for the upcoming season.  The chicest colour palettes will be filled with dramatic shades such like sparkling emerald greens, rich plums and deep burgundies. The key is to find balance and team statement pieces like this Madeira Negra chair, with neutral hues that will tie the room together.  


A burst of international summer colours

We might be spending our summer with the windows closed and the AC up, but there are several places in the world who have perfected the summer vibe and whose look is both timeless and on-trend.  The quintessentially ‘summery’ Mediterranean is the perfect location to draw inspiration from as we count the days to our cooler temperatures.  The beauty of this look is its fresh tones and light hues, which immediately appear welcoming and modern, whilst also aged and authentic.  Whether you are looking for an entirely new dining set or bright and vibrant touches, you can shop this look here.   Perhaps you could see yourself entertaining with the cooling HM EA Turquoise glass set; you could add a charming touch with the irresistibly colourful Pols Potten Glassware range; or invite your favourites round for a culturally inspired tea or coffee on the stunning HM Blue and White china.     


Don’t skip the outdoors

It might be too hot for day time bbqs and the evening outside soirees might be curtailed by your drink condensation to sweat ratio, but this is a region in which outdoor entertaining is a breeze for most of the year.  The hot summer months can give the opportunity to review and re-evaluate, not to mention pick up a great bargain in the summer sales.  Whether you have a balcony or a giant garden, there is so much you can do with it, from candles and lanterns to sun loungers and umbrellas.  If you are looking for something modern and on-trend, think block colours and modular furniture choices.  Neutral colours won’t show any sun fade as much as brighter ones, which will give them a longer life span as well.  Select tableware that is not only stunning but functional, so you can be the best host.  These beautiful geo vacuum jugs from Normann Copenhagen are totally on-trend and will ensure your drinks are always the perfect temperature no matter the weather.


So don’t dismiss the potential of the long summer months, curl up in your AC bubble and get planning, your new look is just a few clicks away!

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