Happy Interior Design: How to Spread Joy in your Home

It is a pretty safe bet that you have been spending more time than usual in your home lately.  You might even be reading this article from your home office?  Yup, we know how that feels.  With everything that has happened in recent months, home has not just become ‘where the heart is’, it is where we all are, all of the time.  All that extra time has got us thinking about ways to make the most of our situation.  No one knows what is coming around the corner.  Many of you might still be working from home or managing digital learning for your little ones.  So it is a good idea to make sure that whatever amount of time you have to spend at home, it is as happy and as healthy as possible. 

Here are our top tips on how to have a happy home and a happy mind:

These are a few of my favourite things

Things we love bring us joy almost immediately.  That’s why it is important to have your favourite things around to comfort you when you need it.  Perhaps it’s a favourite mug for your morning coffee or tea?  It could be delicious snacks for that mid-afternoon pick me up?  Little touches will always draw a smile. Shop HERE


For no reason at all 

Do something nice.  For your partner or your family or your housemate.  Take a minute to treat them in some way, perhaps a surprise coffee?  Bake some cookies?  Take over a chore?  They will be blown away by your generosity and you will feel good knowing you helped someone you care about. SHOP HERE

Stem the clutter tide

As much as possible try to carve out time to keep each room in your home as organized as possible.  Have storage accessories where things can be put away quickly.  Doing a little often will keep the rooms looking nice and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or stressed. SHOP HERE

Transport your senses

We might not be able to travel much at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore new places or evoke memories from the past.  Discover the possibilities of beautiful and luxurious home fragrances and how they can enhance and transform the atmosphere of any room. SHOP HERE

Set a date night (or day)

Now this doesn’t have to be with your partner or spouse.  A date is just an excuse to spend time with someone, so that could be a family member, a little one or even yourself!  Make a date event part of your routine, whether that is a romantic dinner on the terrace or an afternoon tea fit for a little princess.  The more effort you make, the more the person will know how much you care. SHOP HERE

Carve out some ‘me’ time

It might sound a little cliché, but with everything going on, it is even more important that we take care of us.  You can’t help everyone else around you if you aren’t coping well.  Making time to relax and recharge is time well spent.  Whether that is a quiet hour to work out, read or take an indulgent bubble bath.  You will emerge feeling much better prepared to face the outside (or inside) world. SHOP HERE

Start a project

There are so many things that we can do within our homes that can enhance its look.  How about up-cycling some furniture, painting a wall or designing a creative look for a child’s bedroom?  The project will make you feel empowered and there are so many helpful guides online and plenty of inspiring ideas. SHOP HERE

Put happiness on the walls

It can be easy to overlook how the walls of our home can impact us, but it is more than you think.  The addition of art and accessories can really make a difference.  Why not find wall art that inspires you or a wall clock that makes you love time or blow up and frame pictures of loved ones so you are surrounded by those who matter most.  SHOP HERE

Make it yours 

Whatever you decide to do with your home interior design make sure it reflects who you are.  Your home should speak to your heart and your personality.  That way it will bring you joy and comfort, especially when you need it the most.  So don’t be afraid to choose bold furniture or imaginative tableware or sumptuous lighting or eclectic patterns; whatever you choose will look great. SHOP NOW

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