Trend Focus: What does your furniture say about you?

As you can imagine, home décor and interior design are pretty much all we talk about here at Apartment 51.  We love discussing furniture, discovering adventurous new patterns and watching people incorporate pieces from all over the world into their own homeware style.  But we also understand just how overwhelming it can be to make decisions, especially if you aren’t entirely sure what you are looking for.  At Apartment 51 we source furniture, accessories, tableware and designs from across the globe, all inspired by different cultures, traditions and materials.  By scouring local markets and visiting classic factories, we can offer exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces that allow you to really find your personal style.  In this week’s article, we wanted to offer some advice on current and upcoming furniture and accessory trends and some insight into what each of those styles says about the home, so you can make the right choice for you.

It’s All About The Mood

Furniture in Dubai, Bloomingville chair from Apartment 51

This trend should put everyone in a good mood because 2018 is all about moody colours.  Crushed berries, vibrant greens and deep violets are popping up in sofas, chairs, cushions and rugs.  They make a bold statement about your appreciation of quality and show you aren’t afraid to be daring in your style.  Warming, dramatic and welcoming, these are the colours to include in your home and furniture this year.

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A Dramatic Finish

Furniture in Dubai, Kashida table

Creating a sense of profound drama and theatrical splendour is a big part of interior trends in 2018.  The most on-trend homes are incorporating richer, darker woods into their furniture collection.  They immediately offer a more luxurious vibe and create an aura of sophistication.  The beauty of this trend is that these furniture pieces also fit extremely well with different styles of décor, perfectly complimenting the new focus on patterned walls and chintz accessories.

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Modern Metallics

Furniture in Dubai, Bloomingville chair

Keeping it contemporary in 2018 is all about incorporating a touch of metal into your home, from furniture and furnishings to tableware and accessories.  Brass handles, copper frames, plated gold and silver finishes are appearing in the most sophisticated homes and are wide spread across the very best homeware collections of the 2018/2019 season.

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Expanding Your Cultural Horizons

Furniture in Dubai, Seletti salad bowl

Patterns are in.  It’s official.  Not only is chintz in the full throws of a major come back, but 2018 has seen a strong uptake of culturally inspired patterns.  Wherever your home is, your décor should be global.  From cushions to blankets, tableware to lamps, adding touches of other cultures to your furniture is a beautiful way to enhance your home and add splashes of brilliance.  Colourful, adventurous and inclusive, this trend is a great way to pronounce yourself a citizen of the world.

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A ‘Raw’ Trend You Can Get Behind

 Furniture in Dubai, Bloomingville table

Okay, so the ‘raw food’ trend might have never quite taken off (sushi aside of course), but the latest interior trend toward raw, organic materials and the creation of a more nature-inspired look is here to stay.  Bringing the outdoors indoors is huge right now and the trend towards furniture forged from elements of the earth is not only beautiful in design, but will make your home look fabulous all at the same time!

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The Future Is Fringed

Furniture in Dubai, Bloomingville stool

2018 and beyond is all about the detail.  The little furniture touches that will set your home apart and showcase your superb style in interior design.  According to Vogue (and who wouldn’t listen to them) fringing will be everywhere in the next few home seasons, on ottomans, cushions and more.  This is just one of the quirky twists from the past that have been remodelled, repurposed and reinvented for the chic, modern lifestyle.  If you want to be ahead of the game, it is time to embrace the fringe.

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