Fantastic Fathers And What to Buy Them

With everyone around the world celebrating Father’s Day, we thought it was not only a great opportunity to give you a run-down of some of the best Father’s Day gifts we have at Apartment 51, but also to take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing fathers of our team and in our team right here at Apartment 51. Each of the following men have showcased the utmost depths of love, support and wisdom that have transformed the lives of their children in the most positive of ways. So much of who we become can be attributed to our parents and sometimes the smallest amounts of grace can have a ripple effect that will cascade from your child to everyone they encounter.

The fathers who inspire us...

Danielle, our Marketing Manager, will be celebrating her theatrical Grandfather who inspired her love of culture and music. “When I was little, my Grandfather wouldn’t miss an opportunity to take us to the theatre or opera. While other kids played with their Commodore 64s, we would take our seats and be transported to different times and places via plays and musicals. Our family home was always filled with soundtracks and lots of singing along (I love this photo of my two cousins). These trips and adventures awakened a sense of cultural appreciation in me and an understanding of the vital role art can play in shaping our lives. In fact, that is probably why I fell in love with bringing art into the home!”

Father's Day at Apartment 51, home accessories for Dubai, UAE

This father’s day, our E-commerce Manager, Karine will be celebrating the father in her household, her husband and Daddy to her two boys, Francesco. Originally from France, Karine fell in love with Francesco, a native Italian, whilst working in Paris; the city of love. This melting pot of European flavours was further expanded with the birth of their two truly international boys and the family’s move to the UK, which was followed by another international move to Dubai four years ago. Karine believes that their cultural mix is so beneficial to their family and their kitchen! “Francesco is such a wonderful father, his relaxed Italian side keeps us all grounded and he is so good and encouraging us to take stock and indulge in the simple pleasures when things seem stressful. He is such an amazing father to the boys and is able to teach them the importance of having dreams and passions and that the secret to life is to never let go of them. The Italian background also means some brilliant dishes get made in the kitchen for the whole family to enjoy! Thank goodness his father taught him how to make pasta from scratch!”

Fathers who have been inspired...

This father’s day has taken on new meaning for our Brand Manager, Bassam. With his first son only just three months old, this Father’s Day will be a new experience for Bassam and it has caused him to reflect on his own childhood and his hopes for the future. “I never appreciated just how much becoming a father would change me. It is almost an instant switch; a switch in priorities, a switch in your heart and a switch in how you view your own parents. Becoming a father has made me appreciate my own Dad so much more. For the first time I understand what he meant when he said you never stop worrying about or loving your child. I always tried to make him feel special on Father’s Day, but now I feel like I definitely want to do more. The lessons he taught me are the strength that will make me a good father and will help me raise my child to be kind and useful. I can’t wait to teach my son all the things my father taught me.”

Father's Day at Apartment 51, home accessories for Dubai, UAE

Even though our SEO Manager Ross is normally full of the right words, he actually becomes quite tongue-tied when talking about his beautiful daughter Maya. (It’s super adorable actually!) That hasn’t stopped him embracing fatherhood since the nail-biting day she was born. Ross remembers being so nervous he became transfixed by the traffic outside the hospital window and that it ended up almost lulling him into an epiphany about what type of father he wanted to be. “Since that first day and since the first time I held her, I wanted to make sure I would be the best father I could be. I wanted to protect her, teach her and inspire her. I had a lot of lofty ambitions, all of which I fully intend on following through with, but right now most of my role as father is to deal with the day to day realities of having a toddler in the house. Whether it is nappy changing, story-telling or diplomatic food eating negotiations, no day is the same and everything she does is a new revelation to cherish! Having her in my life is the greatest gift this Father’s Day”

Do you have an amazing father you would like to spoil this Father’s Day? We have the perfect selection of stylish and sophisticated gifts that would suit the most discerning of Dads:

For the dapper dad who takes care of the extra details:

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For the fabulous father who enjoys entertaining:

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For the dad who can’t stay out of the kitchen:

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For the father who loves luxury scents:

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For the decadent dad with a penchant for European design:

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For the sweet and sentimental father:

Georg Jensen Picture Frame, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

So this Father’s Day, make sure you take time to celebrate your Dad and everything he has done for you. Whether it is a special gift, some quality time or simply a message of gratitude and love, it will mean the world to him.

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