Create Festive Flair

Create Festive Flair

Hardly any of us can believe it that we are in the heart of December. There are those of us who have been shopping for months and have every detail accounted for, while the other half of us are looking for some inspiration both from a preparation point of view for the home and for Christmas gifting. Creating festive flair in the home this season whether in the shape of Christmas or just general happy holidays can reflect your personality – it can be simplistic and contemporary in the Danish inspired way, Arabesque for the more daring and bold, or a combination that complements a bit of both. To inspire you and add some festive sparkle to set the perfect table, here’s some tips achieve hosting the perfect party and get you in the real spirit of the season.

Setting the table

Setting the table doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. See our few pointers:

1 - Flatware - Make sure the flatware is right by keeping forks to the left of your dinner plate and knives and spoons to the right. The knife blades should always face the plate.

2 - Napkins – Tackling napkins is easy. Traditionally, cloth napkins are used for formal meals and may be placed on the center of the dinner plate, underneath the forks, or directly to the left of the forks.

3. Centerpiece - Create centerpieces of candles, flowers or wreaths to go down the center of the table.

4 - The finishing touches – Make sure you have a water pitcher and the salt and pepper shakers at the table.

Your style choice should reflect your personality and you can see below 3 different looks that are achievable easily.

Contemporary Style Christmas

Clean white line dinnerware from HM teamed up with simple yet

elegant glasses from Kosta Boda give this look a special sparkle.


Arabesque Festive Dinner

Warm reds & golds from our Porcel Palle Rouge Dinnerware set with Arabic

inspired Kashida candle holders gives this dinner table a bold statement.

Sophisticated Styling

Our HM Sonia Evaliza dinnerware set is a show stopper teamed up with modern sleek accessories

from Georg Jensen and Blue Leaves truly infuses the East & the West.

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