Celebrate Chinese New Year with Red Flair

If you have ever felt disappointed that New Year celebrations don’t go on long enough, then you will definitely love Chinese New Year.  Officially beginning on 25th January 2020, preparations and celebrations start from 17th January until the Lantern Festival on 8th February.  Commonly called the Spring Festival or chunjie (节), it is one of several Lunar New Years that are marked in Asia.   Among the various traditions associated with the occasion, it is typically an opportunity for people to clean and reorganise their homes in an effort to rid themselves of bad luck and welcome in good fortune for the coming year.  It is also a time for red; Chinese New Year will always include a huge amount of red decorations, believed to be an invaluable weapon in warding off monsters and evil.  Luckily there are lots of ways to celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Dubai

The Year of the Rat

2020 is the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac calendar and the rat was the first of all the zodiac animals.  They are seen to represent wealth and surplus, with Chinese couples often praying to them for children, given their strong reproductive rate.   The year of your birth will determine which of the 12 zodiac animals you are and in Chinese culture it is seen to impact your career, health and relationship status throughout your life.  When it is the year of your zodiac, it is believed to be somewhat bad luck and so many people choose to wear red in some form for the entire year as a defensive move.  

Gifting Do’s and Don’ts

As one would expect from Chinese culture with its many superstitions, there are several things one shouldn’t do during Chinese New Year.  Many of the taboos are associated with avoiding negativity, like not fighting, debt collecting or saying words that could act as a jinx like ghost, poor, empty and pain.  There are also a few rules about gifting during Chinese New Year that you will want to adhere to if you are opting to share items with friends.  Giving clocks is considered poor form as they symbolise that time is running out, sharp objects that cut are also out and even items like shoes or sandals that could mean you wish to walk away from a relationship. 

If you are looking for the ideal gift for Chinese New Year, why not opt for something bright and stylish to embody the concept that it will be a good year, filled with joy and possibilities.  We have a range of vibrant red home accessories and tableware pieces that would make delightful presents and would be perfect for decorating or entertaining.  Here are our top picks for making a happy home with a splash of essential red:



                          Stately Stripes from Cathrineholm                                                                       Auspicious Accents by Kashida 




                                      Inspiring Decorations                                                                                             Illuminating lamps           




                           Exceptional Entertaining with HM Turkey                                                                        Resplendent Furnishings 


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