Bring Comfort into your Home Office

In a period where much of the world seems turned upside down, more and more of us are embracing the new reality of working from home.  In these difficult times when everyone is coming together to do their part, Apartment 51 wanted to use our expertise to share some advice on how to get the best out of your home so that your working environment can be as productive as possible.  Combating the impact of the coronavirus lies in helping our medical services with resources and support, preventing further spread and keeping the economy moving for the benefit of everyone.  That is why we wanted to do our bit to help you keep things functioning as well as possible, for as long as the crisis might last.

Atmosphere Matters

As individuals who have worked from home for a long time will tell you, the atmosphere surrounding you can seriously impact your productivity.  It is crucial to create the right environment for you to be able to continue working as effectively as possible.  We know that might be hard with kids at home, conference call demands or sharing a small space with another ‘working-from-home’ partner; but the more you can do the better.  Everyone will have an idea of the optimum scenario in which they like to work and the more you can recreate that in your home space, the more you will be able to accomplish. 

Style for Success

There are so many decorating styles and interior design ideas that can help you transform your space, no matter its size or your budget.  To help you fuel your potential here are some great touches that could make all the difference:

  • Comfort is king. You will probably be sitting in your home office for large parts of the day so make sure you have the right chair.  Perhaps you need a hard frame or a soft surface or a comfy cushion?  The right one will help you focus. 
  • Sort your space. First off, make sure you have enough room for everything you need.  How many devices will you need?  Do you need wall space for brainstorming?  How about a table to spread out?  Thinking about these ahead of time will avoid rushing when you need it the least.
  • Spark the imagination. Consider the ways you could add vibrant and engaging touches.  How about some bold colour or exotic furnishings.  The more inviting and happy your space is, the more you will feel comfortable in and the more likely it will be to foster productivity and creativity. 
  • Camera angles. The whole world seems to be video conferencing these days (oh why didn’t we buy shares in Zoom?) which means your colleagues and clients might well be seeing a side of you they hadn’t before.  Make sure you give a bit of thought to the backdrop behind your screen and how it reflects your personal style and home interior design. 
  • Supporting accessories. In our offices we are used to filing cabinets, in-trays or desk drawers, many of which you may not have in your own home.  Think about your day to day at work and what accessories might be helpful during this time.  You can use home accessories to organise your space to help you concentrate and be more efficient. 

Working Wisdoms

Here are a few tips that might help when working from home:

  • Try to implement at least a rough schedule. Such as what time to be at your computer, when you won’t be available and what objectives you need to complete at which times every day.  Even if you get off track it will help to have a structure to refer to. 
  • Remember to take breaks. Don’t feel like you have to rush at finishing tasks and get overwhelmed.  These are extraordinary circumstances and taking some time to play with the kids, do the laundry or cook something delicious will improve your mood and ultimately improve your performance
  • Stay hydrated. Make sure you always have a bottle of water close by.  It will help keep you healthy and reduce your snack cravings (which get really bad when the kitchen is just steps away)
  • Connect with people. Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people.  It can help you break up the day and avoid feeling lonely.  Got a question for a colleague? Why not pick up the phone or video chat instead of an email.
  • Get moving. So the gyms might be closed and exercising outside is frowned upon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active.  Get up and walk around, do a yoga session or join an online workout.  By moving around we can get the blood pumping which helps our body and our brain work better.

We hope you are all staying safe and well during this difficult time!

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