10 Gifts To Spread Happiness This Eid al Fitr

As one of the most important events on the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a very special time of year and Eid al-Fitr offers a unique chance to celebrate the end of the Holy Month with friends and family. The closer we get, the more our social media feeds become populated with moon-sighting predictions and plans to host, entertain and gather together.

What is Eid al Fitr?

‘Eid Mubarak’ or ‘Happy Eid’ will become the most commonly heard phrases in the days after Ramadan ends.  Literally speaking, Eid Al Fitr means ‘The Festival of the Fast Breaking’ and occurs annually, immediately following the close of Ramadan to mark the beginning of the Islamic month of Shawwal.  Eid Al Fitr is a time to show love, kindness and honour to your family, friends and Allah.

Houses and communities will be illuminated with lights and decorations as traditional Eid celebrations are held across cities and countries.  Many Muslims will use the time as an opportunity to forgive and forget past resentments and so begin the year anew and refreshed.  They will also use this opportunity to come together with friends and family and spend time focusing on the relationships that are most important to them.

This welcoming atmosphere is not limited to those fasting, non-Muslims will often find themselves swept up in a sentiment of generosity, kindness and tolerance that blankets most cities.  As the evenings are illuminated with activities, you may find yourself invited to share a dinner or celebration that encompasses many cultures and celebrates the power of unity.

For those who have been fasting and those who have not, there will be many events and occasions over the Eid period for which you would like to share or give a gift, especially as Eid gifting is a traditional aspect of the celebration.   Here at Apartment 51, we wanted to highlight some of the most special items from our Eid Gifts collection, so you are always prepared to spread happiness and joy.

Hm Evaliza Dinner Set - Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

HM Evaliza Dinner Set

Looking for the perfect tableware collection to decorate your home for hosting this Eid? Try this stunning gold-trimmed 100-piece Poetica dining set from HM.
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Locherber Milano Diffuser, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Locherber Milano Aroma Diffuser

Need a sweet gift for visiting family this year? These Locherber Milano luxury aroma diffusers will be welcome in any home.
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Ozlem Tuna Royal Passion Coffee Set, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Royal Passion Coffee Set

Send beloved wishes to those you can’t be with this Eid with this infinitely stylish Royal Passion coffee set from Özlem Tuna.
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Normann Copenhagen Geo Vacuum Jug, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Normann Copenhagen Geo Vacuum Jug

Heading to an Eid celebration with new friends? Why not give them an original gift they can use time and time again with our exclusive Normann Copenhagen 1 litre jug.
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Giobagnara Monochrome Thermal Carafe, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Giobagnara Monochrome Thermal Carafe

For a truly special gift for a truly special person, give this stunning chrome and leather jug from Italian brand Giobagnara. A true display of artisan craftsmanship.
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Kashida Quloob Table Accent, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Kashida Quloob Table Accent

The beautiful traditional 3D Arabic Calligraphy of Kashida is the perfect Eid gift for someone who truly honours classical beauty and Arabic culture. Try this Qualoob Table accent in gold.
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Pols Potten Mixed Cuttings Glasses, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Pols Potten Mixed Cuttings Glasses

Bring colour to any Eid gathering with this bright and vibrant 6-piece glassware set from Pols Potten.
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Ozlem Tuna Orient Kahwa Arabic Coffee Set, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Orient Kahwa Arabic Coffee Set

Looking for the perfect gift for someone new to the region? Perhaps something special to help them experience the cultures, traditions and flavours of the Middle East? This stunning Arabic coffee set in Oriental lilac will immerse them in classic contemporary style.
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Gold Plated Georg Jensen Candleholder Set, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Gold Plated Georg Jensen Candleholder Set

If you are in need of the best possible gift for someone you need to impress, you can’t go wrong with the Georg Jensen cobra candleholder set plated in 24 carat gold.
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Giobagnara Bellini Rectangular Tray, Home Accessories From Apartment 51, Dubai

Giobagnara Bellini Rectangular Tray

Share a gift of luxurious design and classic elegance with the Giobagnara serving tray in Italian leather.
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