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Autumn/Winter Interior Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

Here at Apartment 51, our priority is to help you make your home into the perfect sanctuary and be able to fill it with extraordinary and beautiful pieces that make it feel just right for you.  From your living room to your kitchen, your bedroom to the playroom, you should always feel excited about decorating and accessorising in order to stamp your personality on your home.  That’s just one of the reasons that we not only travel the world to source the best items, but that we also speak to all the experts and designers so you can keep up to speed with all the latest trends and the upcoming interior fashions.  This week we are delving deep into the upcoming Autumn/Winter trends gracing the pages of Vogue and filling the interiors discussion boards – just consider us your own personal Pinterest Page!   So take a deep breath, pour yourself a tea or coffee and let us take you on a journey of all that your home could be looking forward to in the coming months!

More than a splash of colour

Wherever you see a list of A/W Trends for interiors, everyone is talking about colours.  Bold ones, dramatic ones, mixed ones, glamorous ones and even classic ones – some of them are making a comeback and others are forging their way onto the scene for the first time.  Whichever you end up choosing, these are the ones you should be looking out for:

Glamorous Golds: Glittering gold is here to stay it seems, it’s resurgence in the Spring has seen it go from strength to strength and now it is popping up on everything from cutlery to carpets.  Shop the trend with Bloomingville's gold home accessories and furniture. 

Bold Blacks: In ever dramatic style, black is the colour for your accessories this upcoming season.  From tableware to cushions, kitchenware to vases, jet black monochrome fans will be in absolute heaven. Embrace your darker side with the contemporary collection of black kitchenware from Scandinavian design house, Stelton. 

Perfect Pinks: Never underestimate a subtle shade of pink, especially when it comes to warming up your home and finding the perfect balance to the metallic textures and neutral trends that we saw in early 2018.  Make a statement with this stunning pink velvet sofa from Madeira Negra. 

Nautical Navy:  Moody in tone, regal in style and fabulous to look at, this season’s addition of Navy into the must-have colour wheel is even better as it pairs so well with gold.  Perfect for that stunning tableware collection or even statement wallpaper!  Checkout the inky blue colour and raw design of the Sandrine dining series. 

Magnificent Mixes: The brightest of trends this A/W season is the one you can definitely have the most fun with!  Choose from stripes, geometrical, blocks or spots – just pick the a bold combination of colours and find the match to suit you!  Have fun with this trends with HM's colourful patterned china tea & coffee sets. 

Themes to break box office records

The great thing about the themes that make up the A/W 2018 Trends is that so many of them can be mixed and matched (which is sort of a trend in itself).  No longer are you limited by one genre or time period, your home can be filled with vintage china tableware paired with modern glassware or pops of vintage chic on exotic patterns.   The possibilities are endless and (in our opinion) hugely exciting!

The Nomadic Traveller:  In a celebration of global inclusion, this theme is all about indulging in the riches of cultures and traditions from around the world.  Think intricate patterns, rugged textures and authentic, hand-crafted treasures.  Shop the trend with Seletti's East meets West 'Hybrid' collection for a culture loving design fusion.

The Vintagely Contemporary Scandinavian:  Scandinavian design is so avant-garde and stylish it is a timeless piece of the interiors scene and this season focuses on the combination of both vintage and modern versions of the style.  Celebrate the nostalgic genius of the 1950s whilst applauding the visionary modern take – either way you will be choosing well.  Shop the trend with Cathrineholm's iconically retro home and kitchen designs. 

The Artisan Dreamer:  Keep it real and authentic with handcrafted pieces that showcase quality over quantity and warm your home with textures and colours that tell a story.  Discover Ozlem Tuna's delicate handcrafted ceramics. Perfect #forcoffeelovers.

The Decadent Decision Maker:  Choose a more opulent range of home accessories with the trend towards a luxe revivial – brass, marble and velvet are topping the lists of items that you can use to give your home that touch of luxury it richly deserves. You can even indulge in bold furniture pieces, like the Madeira Negra collection, to really create some house envy amongst your friends. 

The Modern Naturalist: This theme is all about bringing the beauty of the outdoors, indoors and embracing natural wood, wood grain and the associated imperfections that make pieces of furniture truly special.  Shop the trend with knIndustries Italian designed kitchenwares

Ooh, don’t forget to keep an eye out for current micro trends that are set to be big in 2019, particularly ‘refined industrial’ and ‘eastern influence’.  We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as they grow and to showcase the best of each in our upcoming collections.  Till then…..#youcanfindusshopping

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